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Project Professionals by CK, was founded in 2011 by Director and Business Analysis Practitioner, Catrina Knight. We have supported a range of clients across a wide coverage of industries, including investment banking organisations to central government departments.  

As practitioners within the field of business analysis and business improvement, our primary focus is to ensure that businesses are set up for success.  A key part of this is helping businesses to accurately define what success means to them and putting the correct measures in place, in order for the intended business benefits to be realised.  Too many businesses are investing large amounts of money into initiatives and not seeing the returns expected.

Our second passion is around the practitioner space.  We understand the issues that Business Analysis and Business Improvement Consultants and Practitioners face when working within a corporate environment. Agile is taking over the world but this is not necessarily helping practitioners in knowing what techniques to apply and when.  At Project Professionals by CK, we have a vast amount of experience and can help you to build and refine your service offering and skillset.

We are here to help you achieve greatness.  Let's get you on your way.

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